Ruthrakali Amman Temple



The lord of your sign is with the 7th Lord, Lord Sun. This is a position of difficulties. Your individuality is not projecting. You are controlled. Your freedom is reduced. For further 2 weeks the circumstance will give you worries. Then gradually it will be over. An event of fortune is also like to reach you. The things that you see as white are not at all milk. Mingle with society with reconnaissance. The profession too is not satisfactory. It is weak during this month.

Women and children at home: Will be with moments of partial happiness. Since the sign is looked by two malefic planets. You have to be careful in speaking and doing any activities. Small accident or injury may occur. Better to be vigilant always.

Students: Are at the liberty to choose any subject they are interested. Lord Mercury powerfully looks the spot of education. Lord Jupiter is also good at his own house.

Professionals and business people: May feel as if the whole program is reactive. Sometimes, the trend and moment will discourage you. Only on such incident, there will be a turn, which gives you good and profitable opportunities. A base of primitive circumstance is seen. In spite of their kala sarpha dosha, the new arrival of luck is seen.

Lovers: Their trend in this month will be with disappointment. Lord Venus is also not so happy to be with Lords Mercury and Mars in the sign ‘kanya’. This trend will change after two weeks.

Married persons and spouses: Are meeting privately in a troubled situation. The happiness is very little. The mood and good entertainments are still far away. Your family burden and overload of work will be dictating terms on duties. You have to wait for another 2 weeks for heart-felt talks on pressure. The dates, which are not good to do most important works, are 29th and 30th.


In common, your status in society and family will be good. You can find better in the health also. Since the lord of 6th sign is also powerful, your problems, cases and the enemies are also getting equal power. So, it is a period of challenge. The lord of profession is Lord Jupiter as per your sign; he is good; but will not permit to stick to one strong proposal. Some diversions may arise and that the deals are to be prolonged without positive result.

Women and children at home: Will be good at their duties. They should take care in executing the jobs they do. Sometimes by mistake, the faults will occur. For few persons, cut injuries may also happen. Take care and be attentive in all affairs.

Students: Are good to continue their studies. Lord Jupiter’s grace is there. Yet Lord Mars look the spot of education to divert your attention in other activities. You have to avoid such things. Sure your prospects will be good to get good marks in exams.

Professionals and business people: Will be doing their process half mindedly. The expected profits are getting delayed. Anyway the needed finance will be reaching at the needy hours. The Lord Mars will be helpful to achieve profits.

Married persons and spouses: Will be exciting to face new experiences. Major planets, Lords Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars will create such anxious feelings. For few persons the privacy will be ending in quarrel and misunderstandings. Lord Venus is in debilitation. This explains about the weakness and failures in sex habits. This month all these sort of experiences will be there. The days, which are not favorable, would be the first 3 days of this month.